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Things I do while waiting to hear from you:

♥ Constantly fend off cravings for gelato and cheesecake (and sometime give into them)
♥ Cuddle my boyfriend’s cat, Bicky, and daydream about my future French Bulldog
♥ Watch 80s sitcoms on DVD while waiting patiently for Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why
♥ Miss the heck out of my American friends and plan my next trip to the States
♥ Spend a ridiculous amount of time listening to dating and relationship podcasts
♥ Go for long drives and think up exciting new ways to help people with their love lives

To name a few…

But you can snap me out of my gelato and cheesecake-eating, Bicky-cuddling, French Bulldog-daydreaming, 80s sitcom-watching, 13 Reasons Why-waiting, podcast-listening, dating and relationships-obsessing coma by connecting with me here. Phew! Clearly, I need it.

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