The great wedding irony

They say love is in the details. But when you’re planning a wedding, you might end up feeling as though love gets lost in the details: guest list, save the date cards, invitations, registry, venue, food, entertainment, decorations, seating arrangements, flowers, speeches, first dance, dress, shoes, hair, makeup, suit, bridal party, photographer, videographer, cake, cars, bonbonniere, bachelorette party / hen’s night, bachelor party / buck’s night, rehearsal dinner… phew! It’s enough to make you almost forget about your ceremony, vows and rings.

When you’re caught up in the mind-boggling details of planning a wedding, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important – the love and commitment you’re celebrating. So, why not take your focus off the details for a moment and remind yourselves, and perhaps everyone attending your wedding, what led you to this momentous milestone.

The secret to adding depth and meaning to your wedding

The secret to adding depth and meaning to your wedding is to invest in a professionally written love story and share it with your guests (and perhaps your officiant) before, during or after the big day. Because when you say ‘I do’ to ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…’, there shouldn’t be a dry eye in the house. There’s nothing more moving than witnessing two people lovingly commit to a life together and knowing exactly how they arrived at this moment.

Your professionally written love story covers how you met, how you fell in love, what you love about each other, what makes your relationship work, and what your plans are for the future. It’s presented as a beautifully designed magazine-style article of around 1000 words and delivered as a PDF document you’re able to use in variety of inspiring ways.

Creative ways to incorporate your professionally written love story into your wedding

You can make your love story as public or private as you wish. It depends on your goals.
❤ Want to move your guests to tears at the ceremony? Share it with them before the wedding.
❤ Want your guests to enjoy a heartwarming personal touch on the big day? Share it with them during the wedding.
❤ Want to leave your guests with a meaningful last impression? Share it with them after the wedding.
❤ Want to keep it sacred? Hand it down to future generations both physically and digitally.

Before the wedding

❤ Slip it into your invitations
❤ Publish it on your wedding website
❤ Email it to your guests the day before
❤ Share it with your officiant for an even more personalised and emotive ceremony

During the wedding

❤ Include it in your guest book or program
❤ Incorporate it into your table settings
❤ Show it off alongside your cake
❤ Make it a part of your bonbonniere

After the wedding

❤ Send it out with your thank you cards
❤ Present it at the front of your wedding album
❤ Frame and gift it to your close family members

Happily ever after

❤ Display it beautifully in your home
❤ Hand it down to future generations
❤ Re-read it every anniversary
❤ Enjoy it forever

Interested in a professionally written love story?

If you’d like to have your love story professionally written by me, The Relationship Writer, here’s how it works:

1. Make your purchase
Start by purchasing your love story. Email me at or complete the contact form at the bottom of the page. We can discuss it in more detail and then I’ll email you a checkout page and book you in!

2. Complete your questionnaire
Within 24hrs, you’ll receive a personal email from me that contains a comprehensive questionnaire. You and your fiancé must complete the questionnaire separately. No peeking at each other’s answers! It’ll spoil the surprises when you receive your love story.

3. Respond to your drafts
I’ll email you your first draft within a week. Email me back anything you’d like me to add or amend in the second draft. I’ll email you your second draft within 48hrs of receiving your feedback. You’ll most likely be happy with the second draft, but you have a maximum of three drafts.

4. Supply your pics
Email me at least a handful of pictures of you as a couple. Two will be used to illustrate your love story.

5. Enjoy your love story
When your love story is complete, I’ll email it to you as a PDF document. It’ll look like a beautifully designed magazine article of around 1000 words. You can print it out or use it in a digital format.

Having your love story professionally written is a team effort. The more effort you put into it, the better your love story will be.

Professionally written love story sample

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Celebrate your anniversary with something special

You probably know a 60th wedding anniversary is ‘diamond’, a 50th wedding anniversary is ‘gold’ and a 25th wedding anniversary is ‘silver’. But did you know a first wedding anniversary is ‘paper’? What better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than with a professionally written love story you print out on beautiful paper! But truthfully, the longer you’ve been married, the more meaningful a professionally written love story is. So, whether it’s a 30th wedding anniversary (‘pearl’), 40th wedding anniversary (‘ruby’) or 65th wedding anniversary (‘blue sapphire’), a professionally written love story is the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

Break the rules with The Relationship Writer

While a professionally written love story by The Relationship Writer might seem as though it’s all about romantic couples, weddings and anniversaries, I’m a rule-breaker. And I’d love to be ‘naughty’ and break the rules with you. Do you have a love story you’d like professionally written that strays from the norm? Perhaps it’s between you and your mother or father, you and your son or daughter, you and your best friend, you and your mentor… the possibilities are endless. Or perhaps it’s a timing issue. Please forgive me for bringing the tone down for a moment, but if, for instance, a significant other has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you may want to have your love story professionally written. Or you may want to purchase a love story for this couple as a gift.

Testimonials from happy couples

“We couldn’t be happier with how Elly captured our special bond, and can’t wait to share our unique love story with family and friends who are coming to our wedding. Thank you so much, Elly!” – Marc & Melissa, New York City

“After 10 years and two children, three pets and our own home, having our love story professionally written was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary and see how far we’ve come. We’ll treasure it forever. Thanks, Elly!” – Shane & Tanya, Melbourne, Australia

Your professionally written love story – US$297 per story

If you love the idea of adding depth and meaning to your wedding or anniversary, or giving a professionally written love story as a gift for a special couple, please start by emailing me at or completing the contact form below. We can discuss it in more detail and then I’ll email you a checkout page and book you in! I can’t wait to bring your unique love story to life!

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