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Why I’m all about you

Hi, I’m Elly Klein – The Relationship Writer. (Yep, that’s me and my handsome fella in the pic.) You know what excites me more than puppies, cheesecake and boarding a flight to New York combined? Blending my professional writing expertise with my passion for dating and relationships to help people find, maintain and celebrate love. I write dating profiles for singles, love stories for couples (particularly weddings and anniversaries), and resolve urgent dating and relationship dilemmas via email. I’m also the author of the humorous relationship advice book, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates, and blog about dating and relationships with a mix of personal stories and free advice.

Why I’m The Relationship Writer

Author: I’m the author of the humorous relationship advice book, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates, which helps lift women’s spirits when it comes to men, dating and relationships.

Blogger: I give divulge personal stories and give free advice on my blog in an effort to help people find and maintain loving relationships.

Online Dating Profile Writer & Mentor: I help people find love online with a combination of online dating profile writing and mentoring. My online dating experience spans ten years, two continents (Australia and the USA) and seven dating sites. I’m my own success story, as I’m currently living with my boyfriend who I met online in Sydney. I also met my last to boyfriends online in New York.

Love Story Writer: I help couples add depth and meaning to their wedding or anniversary with a professionally written love story that can be shared with family and friends or kept private and handed down through the generations. It’s something new, different and special.

24/7 Dating and Relationship Mentor: When you need help with your love life and you need it NOW, I provide dating and relationship mentoring via email within 24 hours at an extremely affordable rate. It’s the service I wish had been available to me when I was struggling with dating and relationships.

Dating and Relationship Media Darling: I’ve been widely featured in the media as a dating and relationship expert, including being published, quoted and interviewed by reputable outlets.

Copywriter: I hold a Bachelor of Communication (Advertising & Marketing), topped the auspicious Australasian Writers & Art Directors Association course, AWARD School, and have worked as a copywriter in top advertising agencies writing print, outdoor, radio, TV and new media campaigns for such clients as Virgin and Nestle. I’ve been freelance for over a decade. Initially, I chose to specialise in property copywriting, and have crafted the copy for literally thousands of residential listings in the prestigious Sydney real estate market. I’ve also written websites, brochures, email marketing campaigns and more. But my heart and soul is combining my writing expertise with my passion for dating and relationships.

Why I’m an Americanized Australian

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but have lived and worked in Canada (Vancouver, Whitehorse and Whistler) and, more recently, the US (New York). I’m currently based in Sydney with my gorgeous Aussie man. As my last three boyfriends were American, half my friends are American, and most of my clients are American, I’m somewhat of an Americanized Australian. So, don’t let the accent or time difference fool you. If you’re American (or Canadian), I’m totally on your wavelength.

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I’ve selected 7 of my best pages and blog posts to help you get a feel for what The Relationship Writer has to offer. Please click depending on your needs and interests…

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more, click around the rest of my site. I hope you enjoy it and decide to stick around for more. Speaking of which…

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