“ I’ve been dating since I was 15. I’m exhausted. Where IS he? ”

This famous line, which Charlotte lamented to Carrie, Miranda and Samantha in Sex and the City, used to be my life. I was single for over 20 years (give or take a few relationettes and situationships), lived and dated in 3 countries (Australia, Canada and the United States) and did online dating for 11 years across 7 dating sites and apps.

‘Where are all the good men?’ It’s a question I asked myself many times. After swiping through countless dating profiles, it’s clear my local area was a barren wasteland of Mr Wrongs. There was Mr No Way, Mr Not a Chance and Mr Get Real (to name a few). And whenever I WAS into a man, he almost always wasn’t quite as into me. Humph.

I was determined to figure out what I was doing wrong. So, after absorbing copious amounts of dating advice via books, articles, podcasts and YouTube videos, investing in coaching with a top American dating coach and having a little counselling, I made a few simple yet powerful shifts in my approach to dating. For instance…

❤ I stopped letting the sites, apps and losers run the show and started taking control of the process.
❤ I stopped thinking so much with my heart and started thinking a little more with my head.
❤ I turned skepticism and defensiveness into warmth and empathy no matter how many times I’d been hurt.

In a matter of months, I met my husband, David. And a few years later, we got married. (I was 38 when we met and 42 when we got married.)

My mission: Help women go from ‘dating sucks’ to dating success ASAP

So, then what? Sail off into the sunset and let all the valuable lessons I learned on my journey to love go to waste? Allow other women to struggle, suffer or entertain the idea of giving up the way I did? Heck no!

My mission was clear: To help women go from ‘dating sucks’ to dating success and find their Mr Right ASAP.

My method was also clear: An online community with a step-by-step system for finding love and the support needed to implement it, including 24/7 access to me and help writing your dating profile. Oh, and a ‘no single lady left behind’ policy, which means lifetime access for one affordable flat rate. I won’t let you fail!

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