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“So, no one told you LOVE was gonna be this way…”

Dating is broken

But if you’re a single woman looking for Mr Right in 2024, you probably already knew that. Never has it been so easy AND so hard to find someone to share your life with. We have incredible tools for finding love, but we don’t know how to use them. We have an abundance of dating advice, but we don’t know how to apply it. We have dating coaches and matchmakers, but many of them are overpriced, ineffective, or both because they’re not fully committed to helping you find love.

For some reason, society has decided to let us all fend for ourselves when it comes to one of the most important things in life – finding a loving partner or spouse (with whom, in most cases, to have kids). Sex education in schools is made even more inadequate by not covering WHO you’re having sex with and WHY. (At a bare minimum, words like ‘love’, ‘attraction’, ‘respect’, ‘trust’, ‘boyfriend’, ‘girlfriend’, ‘husband’, ‘wife’ and ‘relationship’ should be a part of the curriculum.) And learning how to find love by watching movies and TV is about as helpful as learning how to have sex by watching porn. Enough is enough!

From Miss to mission

I was single for over 20 years (give or take a few relationettes and situationships), lived and dated in 3 countries (Australia, Canada and the USA) and did 11 year of online dating across 7 dating sites and apps before I FINALLY met my husband, David, online in our hometown of Sydney at the age of 38 and got married at 42.

Looking back, it didn’t need to take so long or be so difficult. After a combination of counselling, coaching and learning from my mistakes, I made a few subtle yet powerful shifts in my approach to dating and relationships – and met David within 6 months. Now, I’m on a mission to help women have a much quicker and smoother journey to Mr Right than I did.

The Un-Miserable Dating Method

What if dating didn’t have to suck? What if you could date with confidence and finesse so you were able to find your Mr Right ASAP and even enjoy the journey? Well then! Allow me to introduce (drum roll)… The Un-Miserable Dating Method.

The five E’s of Elly’s Un-Miserable Dating Method are:

  1. Expectations – having realistic expectations of dating
  2. Effective – learning effective dating techniques
  3. Expert – investing in expert dating support
  4. Effort – making the effort to date effectively
  5. Enjoy – actually getting to enjoy your dating journey

I’m sorry it’s not the ‘Quit Dating and Find Love’ Method, or the ‘He’ll Come Along When You Least Expect It’ Method, or the ‘No More Mr Wrongs Ever Again’ Method.  Sadly, there’s a lot of money in telling people what they want to hear.

Well, I’m not in it for money. (Anything more than what I need to make a living so I can do this full-time is a bonus.) I’m in it for meaning. It’s meaningful to help women into happy, healthy relationships, marriages and families. David and I chose not to have kids (except fur-babies) so, with my unique set of skills, this is the best contribution I can make to the world.

The five E’s of Elly’s Un-Miserable Dating Method

Why five E’s? Well, so you can commit them to memory. (You’ll understand what I mean when you get to #3.)

1. Expectations: It’s important to have realistic expectations of online dating, offline dating, men and relationships. If your expectations are too high or unreasonable, you’ll loathe dating and struggle to find love. It’s amazing what a few helpful mindset shifts can do to improve your journey to Mr Right.

2. Effective: Ever wondered why dating sucks to much? Because you don’t know how to do it. Now, please don’t take that personally. No one knows how to do it! Because no one was ever taught how to do it. Unfortunately, you can’t teach others (ie. men) how to date more effectively, but you don’t need to. When you learn more effective dating techniques and start dating with confidence and finesse, dating becomes less frustrating and more fun. And Mr Right will be on the horizon.

3. Expert: Unpopular opinion: Dating advice alone won’t help you find love. All these articles, podcasts, videos, books and courses are actually keeping you stuck. It’s overwhelming and you’ll never remember it when you need it. You don’t need more information. You need implementation – a dating expert to help you APPLY the advice. If I’m the ‘guru’ for you, great! If not, no worries. Either way, I strongly encourage you to invest in expert dating support with someone who resonates with you. I take a unique ‘best friend’ approach to helping my clients find love because I think it’s the most effective. It includes an online community with my step-by-step system for finding Mr Right, 24/7 access to me (and a group of like-minded ladies) to help you implement it and a professionally written dating profile by yours truly to make you irresistible online and attract the right man to the real you. No more going it alone or trying to figure out this whole dating thing by yourself.

4. Effort: There’s no point in having realistic expectations of dating, effective dating techniques and expert dating support if you’re not going to make the effort to date and implement everything you’ve learned. That’d be like getting a fitness program from a personal trainer and only going to the gym once a fortnight. You’re just not going to see results that way. Try as you might, there’s no escaping effort. Sure, you can meet your Mr Right through work, friends, travel or common interests (like a team sport), but that’s luck – not strategy. Do you really want to leave your ‘happily ever after’ up to chance? Probably not.

5. Enjoy: Once you have realistic expectations, effective dating techniques, expert support and you’re making the effort to date, it’s time to enjoy it! Don’t let dating take up your whole life. Find ways of incorporating it into each day just as you would household chores or exercise and enjoy the journey as much as possible. Enjoy going to new places, meeting interesting people, having stimulating conversations, flirting, romance, first kisses and intimacy. Once you find your Mr Right, dating will disappear from your life. And you know what – you’ll kinda miss it. I call this The Un-Miserable Dating Method for a reason. Dating might require a little time and energy, but it shouldn’t make you miserable – not if you’re doing it this way.

It all starts with my free report

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