Simple Weight Loss: 6 easy ways to always look and feel your best for dating and relationships

Losing weight is a lot simpler than it may seem

We all like to look our best. When we’re dating, looking our best gives us confidence and helps us to attract a partner. When we’re in a relationship, looking our best helps keep our partner’s eyes on us and our sex life spicy. But friend of mine recently posted a link to a new women’s fitness magazine, asking us to ‘like’ their Facebook page. While I usually ‘like’ generously on Facebook, this request stopped me in my tracks. A new women’s fitness magazine? Really? For goodness’ sake why? With all the health, fitness and weight loss paraphernalia out there – everything from books to magazines, TV shows to infomercials, personal trainers to online programs, and so on – I wondered: How many different ways can one possibly say, ‘Eat less and exercise more’?

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You Heart NY? Here are 17 tips for improving your relationship with New York City

Don’t miss my other handy New York piece: 44 NYC hotspots for tourists and locals.

Great loves usually come with an element of dysfunction

Ah, New York City. Like the one that got away, it’s charismatic, seductive, full of promises… and totally dysfunctional.

Yes, despite our salacious on-again-off-again affair for a number of years now, New York and I have reached the point in our relationship where we’re starting to see each other’s flaws. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love it, but I’m beginning to question if things are going to work out between us for the long-term.

Of course, because of my deep affection for this magical place, I won’t be letting go without a fight. New York and I just need to get to know each other a little better. We need to learn how to communicate and work as a team. We need to give it some time.

I realize my relationship with New York is a polyamorous one – I’m not the only person who’s enamoured with this town. And New York, being the big slut… err, apple… that it is, opens its arms to everyone within its orbit (including the poor, tired and huddled masses, as it says on the Statue of Liberty). If you’re one of those people, even if you’re just visiting, here are 17 tips to help make your relationship with New York a little more harmonious. Hey, I’m not a jealous person. If New York and I are meant to be, we’ll be.

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NYC Hotspots for Tourists and Locals: 44 things to see, do, eat and drink in New York City

2016: I’ve been back and forth between Sydney and New York for almost three years. But in summer 2014, I spent three months living in the city, and kept track of everywhere I went. Unfortunately, I’ve had to cut a few things from the list because the places are now closed. I hope this guide helps you take a big, juicy bite out of the Big Apple.

But wait! There’s more…

My other piece, 17 Tips for Improving Your Relationship with New York City, will also help you enjoy the city, whether you’re a tourist or a local.

First thing’s first: Know your neighbourhoods. The map to the right will help you understand the lay of the land, so you’ll know what the heck I’m on about when I group places according to neighbourhood in my guide below.

Okay, here are your NYC hotspots: 44 things to see, do, eat and drink in New York City…

Greenwich Village

Otto: Go for the dessert (especially the olive oil gelato – nom!) and proximity to the iconic Washington Square Park

Analogue: Go for the speakeasy-style bar, tasty cocktails, yummy food and proximity to Washington Square Park

Greenwich Village Comedy Club: Go to support local comics and have an authentic NYC experience

West Village

Grounded: Go to work – with free wifi and hippy-style food, it’s laptop city

Little Branch: Go for the underground, speakeasy vibe – and don’t order off the menu. Instead, tell the bartender to mix you up something special based on your favorite spirit (eg. vodka, rum etc.). This place can be hard to get into, so go early, or midweek, or both.

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Integrity: The world’s most underrated quality and why you should care about it

I’ve enlisted the help of some BIG NAMES to create the largest user-generated integrity resource online. Please read all the way through – then contribute!

‘He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake’

Kids say the darndest things. My sister occasionally posts on Facebook some of the funny things my 4-year-old nephew says. Most recently, after being out of his mother’s sight for a moment, he emerged from his room and sheepishly uttered, ‘I hope Santa didn’t see that.’ Ha ha! My sister’s not exactly sure what he did, but she’s guessing he hit his 18-month-old brother.

I lightheartedly encouraged my sister to keep up the pretense that Santa knows if he’s been ‘naughty or nice’ for as long as possible, as she could use all the help she can get in wrangling her eldest son’s feisty (yet adorable) nature. I know for a fact that people behave better when they think someone’s watching – even if that ‘someone’ is a supernatural presence…

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How to Make People Like You More: The No. 1 secret to endearing people to you

Glinda the not-so-good witch

If you’re anything like me, the 1939 Academy Award-winning classic, The Wizard of Oz, is not just a film – it’s part of your childhood. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve seen it more times than you can say, ‘There’s no place like home’, ‘I’m melting, I’m melting’ or ‘If I only had a brain’.

Intriguingly, when you watch it as an adult, there’s a little something you might notice that you never would have noticed when you were a child, because you were too busy begging your mother for a pair of red ruby slippers or being scared to death of the winged monkeys, as I was (but that’s a story for another time). And that little something is the disengaged look on Glinda’s face when Dorothy starts to explain how she landed in Oz, inadvertently killing the Wicked Witch of the East:

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How to Come Up with an Idea for Absolutely Anything

It’s my last day in Portland, Oregon, where I’ve just attended my first World Domination Summit. (Finally! I’ve been wanting to attend since it started in 2011.) If the name of the conference sounds kinda lame, creepy or arrogant to you (a little Dr Evil, perhaps), let me explain. World Domination Summit is a warm, welcoming and inclusive gathering of around 3000 entrepreneurs, humanitarians and creative people who are inspired to live a life of non-conformity (usually away from traditional employment), and want to impact the world in a positive way with a special project – or ten. The three pillars of World Domination Summit are service, community and adventure.

A couple of months ago, Chris Guillebeau, the humble genius who started it all, sent out an email asking for attendee stories. There were so many great submissions that, unfortunately, mine wasn’t selected. But I’ve written it up as a blog post for y’all to enjoy. Whether it’s a business idea or birthday party idea, I hope the following helps you come up with a great idea for absolutely anything…

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